Two of the most amazing relationships I have made on my tropical island ( and I have made many) are to these 2 powerful women , Sofia Artola , the creator and owner of Shakti Yoga Key West and Mayanjali Organic Cafe , And Tara McCabe , boat Captain , SUP instructor, musician, and yogi extraordinaire. Together we have nurtured Sofia’s vision for SHAKTI YOGA and grown it into one of the most beloved studios around . We have collaborated on putting together an amazing 200 hr Teacher Training course which we collectively teach , we have guided retreats together across the globe and we have supported one another’s solo ventures teaching workshops and cultivating our passions outside the yoga studio . We have supported one another emotionally as well as spiritually. That is why I am so unbelievably grateful to be part of our most recent collaboration:

SACRED JOURNEY RETREATS ❤️ is a place where one can learn all about our upcoming retreats and adventures all over the world or investigate the possibility of joining us here at our home base in beautiful KEY WEST for a tailor made KEY WEST YOGA RRETREAT .

 The vision for sacred journey retreats is to bring together our three unique and powerful voices into a life-changing, life inspiring, life affirming experience!

 Individually sofia, Tara and myself have singular passions, cooking, food, music, the open water, art and philosophy. It is our dream to bring our talents and the things we love most together and create  A special offering for the guests of SACRED JOURNEY RETREATS. Through the power of three and specialized teachings our guests  will  not simply have good food or enjoy the beach or make something pretty. Our guest will learn what it is to be fully nurtured by the foods they eat. They will experience the freedom and liberation of being on the open water and they will tap in to a part of their heart and soul that perhaps they had forgotten about or did not know existed and express themselves authentically  

 Our first retreats were overseas. We traveled to Bali to “BLISS OUT “ 😍 and explore my Personal passion of journaling. Following Bali was Nicaragua and an investigation into the sacredness of the circle as well as some good old fashion surfing. Our trip to Greece united  the asanas With their mythology diving deep into storytelling topped off with some of the best Greek yogurt I have ever had. And what would a retreat be without magic? And that brings us to Morocco and all the spice  and color it had to share.

 We are still looking off to exotic locations but after all this travel we always come home to the beauty and wonder of our tropical home key west. We recognize how much we have to offer right here in our own backyard, beautiful beaches, sunset sailing, organic cafés, and a slower more colorful life style that allows one to pause and ask the question: 


 In the upcoming weeks and months I will write more about  our specific retreats and classes but for now take a look at