Marlene Koenig’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States from the Miami museums of modern art to the Zipper Factory in Brooklyn NY . Her work is part of private collections across the globe from Norwegia to London . She has had the great pleasure of painting murals in private homes as well as restaurants and businesses throughout Key West to the fashionable Wynwood district of Miami Florida

Whether her work is for a commercial space on a grand scale or featured in the more intimate setting of a gallery or home her goal is always the same to layer Spirit , ritual , and ornament

As well as being a visual artist Marlene Koenig is a committed instructor teaching yoga and art throughout the world . Her fluid , meditative classes bring ease into the body and stillness to the mind .

My Story...

I come from artist. My childhood was filled with the patterns and shapes of my father’s blueprints and the colors and textures of my mother‘s fabrics. Gifts were always paints and pencils playtime always creative exploration . My parents hopes and dreams for me we’re simply that I live freely and authentically

I am an artist

As an adult my life is full of simple rituals consisting of yoga meditation study and art. I allow one to always inform the other. Each day I am involved in the creative process be it on the yoga mat, the meditation cushion or at the painting easel. I am continually involved in the constant play of ideas and possibilities

I am vast

When Spirit calls I pack my bags and leave my island. India, Nepal, the Mediterranean or South America. I am endlessly fascinated by how the people of this world animate and decorate themselves and the way these things play out in how we live and celebrate our every day lives

I am free

And so I layer the spiritual and the decorative threw out all my work. It is my hope that the viewer of my art or the student in my classes takes away something to enhance their own journey and make a little more beautiful the path they have chosen and the world we live in

We are all divine