I had the great pleasure of teaching GANESHA A MAP TO MINDFULNESS, a workshop , to a full house at Shakti Yoga Key West . I would just like to give credit to the resources I used in putting this class together…so here are the books that I collected information from ….to learn to be more present, aware,and grateful….Take a look ❤️




Two of the most amazing relationships I have made living on my island ( and I have made many here ) are to these two women Sofia Artola , the creator and owner of Shakti Yoga And Mayanjali Cafe And Tara McCabe , boat captain, SUP instructor, musician and yogi extraordinaire.

Together we have nurtured Sofia‘s vision for SHAKTI YOGA and grown it into one of the most beloved yoga studios around. We have collaborated on putting together an amazing 200 hour yoga teacher training course which we collectively teach. We have guided retreats across the globe and we have supported one another in our solo ventures , teaching workshops cultivating our passions outside the yoga studio and supporting one another emotionally psychically and spiritually. That is why I am so unbelievably grateful to be part of our most recent collaboration :

SACRED JOURNEY RETREATS is a place where you can learn about all our upcoming retreats and adventures across the globe or investigate the possibilities of joining us here at our homebase in beautiful Key West for a tailor-made Key West style yoga retreat .

The vision for sacred journey retreats is to bring together our three unique and powerful voices into a life-changing life inspiring and joyful experience!

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Samkaya is one of the oldest schools of Indian philosophy , the foundation of the yoga tradition and the inspiration for my piece “THE MIND ACCORDING TO SAMKAYA “ . This 30in “ x 24in” drawing depicts in symbolic language the 5 categories of mental processing according to this ancient Vedic wisdom . 

PARUSHA : The eternal pure consciousness and the only source of consciousness.

PAKRITI : The primordial substance behind the world . It is the first ultimate cause of all gross and subtle objects Pakriti underlies all physical existence 

MAHAT : The first spark created between the convergence of PARUSHA and PAKRITI is Mahat . Mahat is the purest , finest spark of individuation . It is  COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS from which each and every individual consciousness is derived .

BUDDHI : The BUDDHI mind is our higher mind . Decisions and judgements occur here . It is the part of the mind capable of objectivity. Here we are able to see ourselves from a distance. We are able to pause and choose and therefore create change , inspiring a sense of self control and determination 

AHAMKARA : It is the human condition that external sensory experience attach themselves to the consciousness and declare I AM THIS ! It is here that we define ourselves by the car we drive , the job we have , the losses we have experienced; all of our successes and all of our failures! This is AHAMKARA or ego . 

MANAS : The lower mind . Manas is the direct supervisor of the senses . The Manas mind can only carry out direction. It is the Manas which controls our instruments of action and perception and it is the Manas which experiences the sensual world 

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as I created the work for this series I have been thinking a lot about where I come from. This painting Is an expression of the world I grew up in 

It Honors my parents the two people who brought me into this world and in many ways shaped it. The painting tells the story of the joyful environment I was so lucky to grow up in, one filled with creativity and possibility.  My parents created a container for my family and in many ways my world, that was and is filled with wonder and magic. 

In a manner, much like many images in the Hindu tradition, it is also about the cosmic parents. Just as Vishnu dreams of the word growing as a lotus flower from his navel, this piece imagines the universe being held by the antlers of the cosmic deer. The parents from this perspective are matter and consciousness or Shiva and Shakti .The Universal container.  The piece asks the question where are we all from? And  What holds and protects this fragile existence? 


the parent

The creator 

The protector 

The guide 

Container for my universe 

Primordial consciousness





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What is it all about ?

What is it all about ?

I am often asked where my images come from. What do they mean and simply what are the paintings about? 

As I get ready to hang work for an upcoming show I have had an opportunity to sit back and reflect on those questions And I have come to understand a couple things.

The first is that when I start a new series of work it is far from clear to me ”what I am painting about ” 

I usually begin with a general pallet which presents itself in an almost subconscious way. For example, before this series, I painted my entire home subtle shades of grey and white with pops of saturated color. My wardrobe suddenly became all grey and black and I found myself for the first time drawn to a more minimalistic aesthetic. And as I started painting and drawing I created one white piece after another much cleaner in design than my previous work.

I have found it is my attempt to infuse my environment and life with the energy with which I want my work to have .

The second thing I have discovered is that just when I am getting ready to hang a show is when I feel like ” ok now I understand what it is fully that I am exploring ” . There is a moment that comes when I can connect the dots. And all of a sudden the images are not disparate, but rather part of the same story.I believe this occurs because the process is not linear. I recognize I often start a series in the middle or often at the end, of the story.

And so the process of creating a series of work is almost like backing out or unraveling the final idea. It is like Putting a jigsaw puzzle together. 

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As I mentioned teaching The Great Round workshop at Shakti yoga this past weekend was such a tremendous high ! My absolute greatest pleasure in life is seeing a project all the way through completion. The one thing I must be mindful of is that what goes up must come down , and inevitably after the initial high there is a crash . A moment in the creative process when I don’t know what I am doing , and very often am completely uninspired ! is this moment of VOID ....of RESTING IN THE DARKNESS! 

My intention in these moment must be simply to recognize the necessity of rest ! I remind myself that something unseen is happening. I am cultivating the energy for the next cycle ....

and so today I will take a nap

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Yesterday I had the great pleasure of teaching THE GREAT ROUND workshop to a sold out group at Shakti Yoga Key West . Fist I want to say thank you to everyone who participated ! What a Joy to teach such a great group . Second I would like to give credit where credit is due  . The Mandala Workbook by Susan F Fincher was my primary resource when putting this class together as well as doing as much research as I could about Joan Kellogg , the therapist who developed The Great Round . My investigation also included looking at the work of Swiss psychoanalysis C.G Jung and his work with mandalas. 

‘Through out the month I will be adding other info about this workshop so please check in again 🙏

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Hi my name is Marlene Koenig aka Talula Blue .

here at the Talula Blue Blog we will be creating magical things , exploring mysterious corners of the world and our mind and learning to celebrate our lives everyday during this wondrous time on this big blue globe.

So before we begin here are some things about me, what I believe, where my art comes from and what has inspired me to create the BLUE SKIN brand . 



I believe that all creatures are divine . I believe our world is Sacred and that each individual possesses vast possibilities.

I have spent a life time investigating the mystery of the human experience. This curiosity has brought me into classrooms and guided me to temples and mountain tops. 

It is from these experiences and these beliefs I have grown the BLUE SKIN brand 

A place where I can express and share my art and philosophy .

                                         Each creation by BLUE SKIN is made with the same sense of wonder 

that is experienced when gazing out at the vastness of the blue ocean or allowing the mind to drift off into the blue horizon or contemplating the all inclusiveness of the deep blue cosmos ,

                                                          WE ARE ALL VAST 

                                                          WE ARE ALL SACRED           

                                                          THIS IS BLUE SKIN

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